Streamline your accounting practice and increase your bottom line


Optimize your work

  • Eliminate the planning chaos
  • Track your workload, assignments and progress
  • Proactively identify roadblocks and delays
  • app

    Plan with ease

  • Download jobs from your practice management system
  • Create your plan
  • Synchronize the plan to your practice management system
  • app

    Visualize your plan

  • Gantt style drag and drop planning
  • Future planning workspace for priority planning
  • Capacity and work allocation dashboards
  • Work, staff and client based filtering
  • Value Added Features

    Get the most from WorkXFlow with our tailor-made features

    Practice Manager Integration

    Seamlessly synchronizes with Senta, Xero Practice Manager and Workflow Max for work data

    Dynamic Planning Calendar

    Drag and drop work calendar to assign and reallocate work to staff members

    Configurable Planning Horizon

    Plan on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis

    Split jobs

    Assign jobs between multiple staff members

    Unplanned Work Queue

    Pre-planning workspace for wider visibility to create the prioritized planning funnel


    Multi faceted job, task and client based filtering options to drill down your data

    Detailed Job and Task Drilldown

    Detailed job and task information such as priority, duration, job value, task allocations and start/end dates

    Task Scheduling

    Plan task start and end dates with automatic update to the job dates

    Batch planning for recurring jobs

    Plan recurring and fixed jobs with the same or different staff members in a single planning operation

    Job Readiness Checklist

    Checklist to identify “planning ready” jobs and eliminate bottlenecks when performing the work

    Operational Insights

    Intuitive analytical feedback and notifications based on past performance to ease the planning process

    Secure Data Handling

    Enhanced security to completely protect your data including 2FA logins, secure pages and protected data protocols


    Affordable pricing plans suited to your practice

    Experience the full-featured ( Standard / Advanced ) plan for 14 days.

    Standard Practice

    • Up to 5 Accounts Users
    • 1 Planner User
    • Access to all planner features

    $ 0 / lifetime

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    Best Value

    Mid Sized Practice

    • 10 Accounts Users
    • 2 Planner Users
    • Access to all planners features and operational Insights

    $ 0 / lifetime

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      Got a larger team?

      We can customize your planner to suit your needs

      Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us

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    Main support options

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    +44 7712 877376

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    For accounting practices/individuals who use Senta or Xero practice manager software. They can make their work more planned and streamlined with WorkXFlow. Users can sync the data from Senta or Xero practice manager and make their work planned in WorkXFlow for better efficiency.
    No. For the time being, we are integrating with Senta and Xero Practice Manager. You need to have a Senta or Xero practice manager account to use WokXFlow. But we have plans to evolve WorkXFlow to a complete practice manager suit.
    Yes. WorkXFlow will capture and bring you insights associated with your data. Insights will help you to make timely decisions related to your practice.
    We categorize the plans according to the user types in the practices. You have to consider which user combinations you need for your practice. If your combinations are not in the Standard and Mid Sized practice plans, you can choose Enterprise and we will help you define the perfect plan for your organization.
    Yes. You can switch your plans according to the operational requirements of your practice.
    We are highly concerned about our user’s privacy and the data stored with the application. Therefore, we had taken the necessary measures to safeguard your privacy and data. We mandatorily provide 2 Factor Authentication(2FA) for Practice owners who register with applications. For other users, we provide 2FA as an option. We also use secure connection when you connecting with the application.
    We store our user’s data on secured cloud servers.

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    About Us

    With knowledge and experience in providing accounting and digital-enabled services for clients on multiple continents, we provide a valued client service.

    We had been there for our clients to achieve their success with seasoned accounting professionals throughout the past years. We are also experienced in operating accounting software. Not only that we are experts in digital product development.

    By providing customer-focused accounting services we know real pain points you may face on daily basis regarding accounting services with our experience. Especially on planning your daily work. By identifying our client’s problems, we know what you lack and what you need.

    We will help to ease your work and increase your potentials by focusing on our 4 concepts,

    • Insights to all levels
    • Visualize, plan and optimize
    • Adopting 4IR technologies
    • User-centered design

    We are introducing “WorkXFlow”, our product to address planning issues you encounter in your accounting practices daily. Which helps you to plan better and increase your efficiencies.

    We are introducing “WorkXFlow”, our product to address planning issues you encounter in your accounting practices daily. Which helps you to plan better and increase your efficiencies.


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    Second Floor,123 Aldersgate Street,
    London, England,
    EC1A 4JQ